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windows update failed with error code. I read many articles and blogs and wrote an ImpersonateHelper class to do impersonation work, during the investigating I noticed that very few articles/ blogs refer a complete impersonation process, so I decided to write one that refer as more details as I can, and actually my code was a code snippet combination came from 10+ sources. i want to create a directoryInfo list for a unc directory. i' m running the app as a non- admin user ( eventually will be a service) but it' s not finding the directory due to permissions. i want to be able to ' elevate' to admin privileges for a one- of method within the app. The following example demonstrates how to obtain a Windows account token by calling the unmanaged Win32 LogonUser function, and how to use that token to impersonate another user and then revert to the original identity. · Windows Impersonation using C#. failed with error code:. sResult + = " DuplicateToken( ) failed with error code:. But I am getting Error code - 5 This is what I do. LoadUserProfile DuplicateToken ImpersonateUser CreateProcessAsUser.

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    CreateProcessAsUser - Error 5. I' m trying to impersonate different user on a different computer ( from Windows R2 to Windows 7, both in the same Workgroup, no domain). Code runs without errors, but user names " before" and " after" are the same. Hi, I' m trying to launch an MS script (. vbs) from an console application with an non admin user. after searches, I found the impersonate function. So I create an code witch impersonate an user from the current user ( the one who launch the. exe console app' ). · Provides several workarounds to the Windows activation or validation error code 0x8004FE33 when you connect to the. hello all, i need some help regarding windows login. i have created an application in C# which replaces the windows- login and which gets username and password from the user to enter the windows.

    November 5, at 6: 58 pm SSRS supports Windows Authorization " out of the box", and you can write your own custom security extension to support any authentication mechanism you want. We provide a sample extension for Forms Auth. see the previous posts. A complete Impersonation demo in C#. NET Download source code - 4. 7 KB Under some scenarios, we need to impersonate another Windows account and do some work under that user’ s session, for example:. · I have installed a 3- node SQL Server failover cluster on Windows Server few days ago, and it has been running very well. Until today, I found. clCreateContext fails with error code - 6. I do not why but it fails in creating clCreateContext with error code - 6 which. ( " Error: Failed to open. I am trying to connect to MQ server using local user created in the system via C#. I am using Win serv R2, MQ client and Server versions are 8.

    · A call to ' CreateProcessAsUser' failed with error code:. System Error Code 1314 = ERROR_ PRIVILEGE_ NOT_ HELD = A required privilege is not held by the client. I got my code working. I followed the link ammo56 give to me. Used the last example for vb. net and it works. The difference with this code with my original is they use LOGON32_ LOGON_ INTERACTIVE instead of LOGON32_ LOGON_ NETWORK, with may have more priveledge for the network scenorio. Hi I want to impersonate another user account and hard code it into the code I have attached to this ticket. The application allows a user to stop and start services on a remote server, but I would. I' ve been a member of the CodeProject for over 3 years now, and still haven' t contributed any articles - until now. This code won' t work on Windows 98 or ME because they do not utilize user tokens. Code was built and run using Visual Studio. NET on Windows XP Service Pack 1. One of the other. I understand that we have implemented IReportServerCredentials interface.

    it is working fine when i hard code my username, password and domain while instantiating the class, but what if i have to impersonate dynamically with the logged on user windows credientials so that my code access the report server with the current user’ s credentials. Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Hi, we are running a windows server os on our network. The application i develop needs to be able to move files to folder that the user running the app can' t access. public extern static bool DuplicateTokenEx( IntPtr ExistingTokenHandle, uint dwDesiredAccess, ref SECURITY_ ATTRIBUTES lpThreadAttributes, int TokenType, int ImpersonationLevel, ref IntPtr DuplicateTokenHandle) ;. I used the examples on the internet to create a Impersonate class which allows me to log on as another user. After logged on as the new user I. This can be a token handle returned by a call to LogonUser, CreateRestrictedToken, DuplicateToken, DuplicateTokenEx, OpenProcessToken, or OpenThreadToken functions. If hToken is a handle to a primary token, the token must have TOKEN_ QUERY and TOKEN_ DUPLICATE access. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. NET/ C# work with Virtual Server. Please help, When I try to use the Virtual Server interfaces to get a list of Virtual Machines, I get the following error:.

    In new code DO NOT create a UI in your service. It will be bad form, obsolete, horrible UI experience and potentially removed in future versions of Windows ( MS hasn' t announced when and if this will happen but it seems inevitable). Hi, I am trying to use this application to impersonate the user across forest. There is no trust between the forests. This code does NOT seem to work in cross forest environment. · A complete Impersonation demo in C#. And the second is call DuplicateToken after LogonUser. · You would see last line in the file starting with “ Final Result: Installation failed with error code:. Right- click the register. I' m getting a very strange InvalidOperationException whenever I try to refer to Environment.

    MachineName after I do an impersonation. UserName correctly reports the new user name and everything else seems to be functioning correctly. · ' ' Bake Direct' job failed with error code: 5 ( ' Failed reading Bake Visibility Buffer file. ' Error occurs < 10 seconds after baking light. After playing with the code shown and utilising Willy Denyottes' help, I have come to the conclusion that there is some form of difference between the. Hi, welcome back, Sometimes. Process class and its Start method are not enough for our purposes and we need to call Win32 API directly from. NET ( P/ Invoke mechanism) to be able to create a process the way we need. Make a copy of the token with DuplicateToken. Run the same code in a normal user process - works fine.